How to Build an Indoor Herb Tote

Indoor Herb Tote Directions

Indoor Herb ToteHome Hardware offers tons of how-to tips. This handy Indoor Herb Tote should be helpful,as I'm bring some of our herbs inside for the winter. Our kitchen has very little light,so I'll be able to pop it in a sunny window,then bring the herbs into the kitchen for watering,and to use for cooking.The numbers beside each item in the directions correspond to Home Hardware's parts inventory.Their tote is made from poplar with oak trim. Adjust dimensions to build to a size that best suits your needs

Herb Tote - What You'll Need

  • measuring tape 1048-330
  • clamps 1023-351 to 356
  • hammer 1030-308
  • square 1070-060
  • bench saw 1346-634
  • jig saw, or 1368-489 scroll saw 1345-042
  • sander 1262-369
  • mitre saw 1347-584
  • drill, or 1240-062 brad nailer (optional) 1282-946
  • 3/4" forstner bit 1213-813
  • 1" forstner bit 1213-831
  • #8 screwsettter bit 1227-540
  • nail punch 1039-378


  • 1 x 6 hardwood (maple, birch, poplar, oak) (6 feet)
  • 1" hardwood dowel 1624-451 (1 1/2 feet)
  • 3/4" hardwood dowel 2624-449 (6 feet)
  • 1/2" x 3/8" oak trim (optional, rip from 1 x 6) (2 feet)
  • wood glue 2020-182 1 1/2"
  • wood screws 2174-408
  • fine sandpaper 1230-439
  • hardwood buttons (for screw locations) 8295-551
  • wood filler 1627-378


  1. Sand all pieces before assembling, and if using the oak trim pieces, stain or paint before fastening them to the sides of the tote. If using screws, pre-drill with a #8 screwsetter bit, and later fill the screw holes or insert 1/4" hardwood buttons
  2. Transfer the pattern for the end pieces to the 1 x 6 stock. Using a scroll saw or jig saw, cut out the two end pieces. Clamp the two cut ends together for a final sanding of the cut edges.
  3. Referring to the parts list, cut the two side pieces to length. Cut the 1" dowel piece and the four, 3/4" dowel pieces to size.
  4. Locate the holes for the floor dowels and the handle on the two end pieces, and using a 3/4" forstner bit, drill the 8 dowel holes for the floor of the tote to a depth of 1/2". Drill the 2 holes for the handle with a 1" forstner bit.
  5. Place the 4 floor dowels and handle into the drilled holes of the end pieces, apply glue where the sides will cover the ends, then position the side pieces. Hold the pieces in place with a clamp at either end of the tote. Note that there is a 1/8" reveal between the sides and the ends.
  6. After checking to ensure everything is square, secure the ends to the sides using 1 1/2" brad nails, screws or finishing nails.
  7. Fasten the decorative trim pieces to the sides using wood glue.
  8. Finish the tote with a stain or paint of your choice.
Download the Free Herb Tote Instructions  From Home Hardware
Hmm.. when I look at this list of tools I’d need to have t build this, I think I might take a look at value village ans see it they might have a basket with a handle that I could pop the plants into.
What do you use for an herb tote?
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