AVON Bubble Bath- Tons of Bubbles and Uses

AVON's Bubble Bath - Tons of Bubbles- Tons of Uses!
    How do you use Avon’s Bubble bath?  AVON bubble bath is dermatologically tested for use as a bubble bath, and it is not sold for any use other than stated on the bottle. However, here’s a list of interesting uses I’ve found on the internet :    Avon . will not be held liable for any problems arising with using the Bubble Bath in any manner inconsistent with the package instructions.
    1. Laundry Detergent: Use one capful in a  regular load, two for greasy work clothes. You won't need fabric softener.
    2. Pre-treatment for Laundry: Mix 1/2 bubble bath and 1/2 water in a spray bottle.  Spritz stains before tossing in the wash. Set in stains? dab on full strength, scrub stain with an old toothbrush, then wash.
    3. Carpet Cleaning:  Add 2 capfuls to large carpet shampoo machines.
    4. Upholstery Cleaner: Put 1 capful in a 24 oz spray bottle  & fill with water.  Scrub with brush against nap.  Let dry. Vacuum when dry.
    5. Kitchen/Bathroom floor: No harsh chemicals for babies or pets to ingest!  Add 1 capful to 2 gallons of water to mop floors.  Add 1/2 capful extra for very soiled floors.
    6. Toilet Bowl and Tanks: Reduce Stain build up- Occasionally Add a capful to tank. Won’t Harm Curious pups & No more blue Armed Plumbers!
    7. Windshield Washer Solvent:  Use when No Threat of freezing temperatures.  1 1/2 capfuls per gallon.
    8. Mildew Remover: 1 capful to 24 oz. water.  Cleans boat seats, bathtubs, showers, wall, etc.
    9. Dishwashing Soap:  Your dishes will sparkle as well as your coffee pot, glasses and cook-wear.
    10. Pet Shampoo: As safe for Pets as it is for kids – use sensitive skin or Avon kids bubble bath.does not include soap, so not as drying as traditional pet shampoos. It is also much less irritating on your dog's sensitive skin.
    11. Cage & Pet Paraphernalia Cleaner: Small pets & large will be glad not to have harsh chemicals.
    12. Toddlers’ Toys:have toddlers give toys a weekly bath with Children’s Bubble Bath.
    13. Stuffed Animals: Surface wash with AVON Bubble Bath as per upholstery cleaning directions.
    14. Sick room odours & Stains: Use Peach full strength. USE AS PER UPHOLSTERY CLEANING ON mattresses.
    15. INSOMNIA: A BIT OF lavender BUBBLE BATH IN A VAPOURIZER CAN SOOTH CARES OF THE DAY AWAY. (wash your pillow case & night things with Lavender too!)
    16. Ease depression: According to Japanese researchers, breathing pink grapefruit aroma for 5 minutestriggers the release of feel good serotonin.
    17. Stick to resolutions:the scent of lavender helps amp up will power.
    18. Increase confidence: Breathe in berry or citrus scents to increase ambition & leadership abilities.
    19. Vehicle Wash - Does a beautiful job on washing cars, mobile homes, RVs, and boats.
    20. Hand washing delicates.
    21. GREAT for ring around the collar and greasy work clothes.
    22. Window Cleaner.1/2 cap in a bucket washes all your windows
    23. Clean bathroom fixtures and mirrors.
    24. Wash walls and ceilings.
    25. Use bubbles and sponge to shampoo furniture or vehicle interiors.
    26. leans chandeliers and light fixtures.
    27. Cleans china, windows, etc. (all glass).
    28. Wash your plant leaves, they will shine. Then pour into soil as a fertilizer.
    29. Upholstery stains come out by rubbing with a damp cloth dipped in full strength bubble bath. Do not wet the sponge with water. Water may leave a stain, the bubble bath won't.
    30. Clean your jewellery - even costume jewellery.
    31. Splatter grease (butter too) on a good blouse? Put straight bubble bath on the spot, let sit a few minutes and wash. No spots!
    32. Wash Venetian blinds.
    33. Wash paneling - no rinsing, no streaks.
    34. Clean your eyeglasses.
    35. Put some bubble bath and a bit of water in your potpourri burner
    36. Clean your painted or real wood cupboards
    37. Now that you're all finished cleaning, here's the best news:  You can even use it to take a nice, relaxing bubble bath!  (No Ring Around the tub ring too!)
    Let Avon's Bubble Bath do it all!
    Woman's World March 2010

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