Nestlé : Starting Your Own Herb Garden

Nestlé : Starting Your Own Herb Garden: Save money by growing your own herbs in a sunny window.
"Here are a few helpful tips to get you started:
Tip 1: Make sure you have a spot in your house that receives full sunlight for at least half of the day, a south or west facing window would be best. If your growing space does not accommodate this, think about using a fluorescent lamp to supplement your herbs growing needs.
Tip 2: Choose your herbs. Make a list of the herbs you know you love and use frequently. Explore other herbs that you think you may like to have. If you’re not sure, check your supermarket shelf to give you an idea.
Tip 3: Separate your herbs based on their required growing conditions. Look at the seed packets for specific growing conditions.
Tip 4: Separate your herbs in different potting containers. These can all be added together in one decorative planter if you like. Make sure your pots provide good drainage as this is probably the most important factor for a successful herb garden. Mixing your soil with crushed stone or gravel can help improve drainage. Separating your herbs also allows you to adjust the amount of water you give each plant depending on their needs."

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