Easy Reusable Bags - Trash 2 Treasure

Have you entered your pledge on the Olympic Torch Relay Site?
Here's mine.-

I will make and carry reusable bags and post directions on my blog DIY4Canada.blogspot.com for others to make their own bags too.

If you have a simple pattern for others to follow, drop me a comment on my blog.

Let's work together to keep plastic out of the landfills and reduce chemicals released as part of their decomposition process; organo-chlorine (highly toxic), methane, and nitrous oxide (greenhouse gases contributing to global warming).

From Tank to Tote - Easy Reusable Bag

Don't toss that too small / stained tank top - turn it into a tote!

  1. Turn tank inside out.
  2. Sew shirt together at the bottom (back-stitch if you don't have a sewing machine)
  3. Turn right side out and decorate with permanent markers.

This really is a trash to treasure project. It won't take long for those nickels to add up that they're charging for bags at the grocery store.

Try this using other clothes that are headed for the scrap bin. A pair of toddler-sized coveralls could be really handy with all those extra pockets!

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Omemee Pigeon eFlyer said...

Great Post! We'll use it for our EcoMonday!

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