Make Your own Granola

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Here's the Granola Recipe I cobbled together:

Most Commercial Granola Cereal has a lot of fat. I substituted Unsweetened applesauce in mine.

Low Fat Cholesterol Busting Hi-Fibre Granola

Preheat oven to 325

Mix together:

1/4 C Apple sauce (unsweetened berry)

1/4 C Honey from dad's farm

1/2 C Fennel seeds

1/4 Homemade cinnamon sugar

1/2 C Walnuts

1/4 C Pecans

2 T Molasses

2 C Oats (large flake)

1/4 C Brown Sugar

Bake 30 Minutes. Cool. Mix in 1C. Crisp Rice Cereal. Serve with diced apples & Vanilla Yoghurt. Top with Cinnamon Sugar.

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